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Ben Fry’s Thesis

I’ve been reading “Visualizing Data: Exploring and Explaining Data with the Processing Environment” by Ben Fry recently (converting his Processing code to oF code), and it’s really awesome. I looked into some of Ben’s work, and I came upon his MIT thesis, which seems to fall in line with exactly what I want to investigate for my thesis. It is called “organic information design” and it details the history and future of using interactive/digital means to progress data visualization through interaction. Its a really good research document, as well as an interesting read!

Check it out here:

Oh Crap.

I dunno if I should be happy to have this as a resource, or somewhat depressed. This guy today just launched his website which is kinda like what I’ve been discussing roughly for thesis. Its totally static and not interactive in anyway, but several of his ideas are exactly what I’ve been talking about executing. Seriously last night I was thinking it’d be awesome to show the flight patterns of a major league team and compare them with their winning percentage. Oh well guess I have to come up with something cooler than him now.

Flip Flop Flyball

Multi-Touch Presentation

Here’s a presentation from Stimulant Design at UXWeek. Rather than showing their own work, they go over all the things they’ve learned while developing new, mostly multi-touch interfaces. Really interesting and most likely helpful. I’ll definitely be watching this again.

Darren David & Nathan Moody | UX Week 2008 | Adaptive Path from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Multi-Touch Data Vis (Sorta)

Here is a project I found using a multitouch table as a tool for a data vis program. Overall its kinda cool but its SUPER boring. Why does data vis always end up being this boring? Also, is anything gained really from the whole multitouch thing or are they just doing it cause its cool?